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The weather is always great for a family trip

Family – what is worth seeing together?


In the park around the hotel you will find the characters from the book by C.S Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia.

While taking a walk, you will meet Lucy coming out of the wardrobe, you could see Mrs. and Mr. Beaver hideout and meet Aslan at sunrise. Children will be delighted.

Not far from the hotel, because only 20 minutes away by car, there is the Kamieńczyk Waterfall, where scenes for the film Prince Caspian were shot.


One of the largest Aquaparks in the Karkonosze region. On the territory of over 600 m2, under a glazed dome, with a view of the mountains, we have a main pool which offers:

  • a rushing river,
  • water whips,
  • benches with air massage,
  • Volcano
  • waterfall from the upper jacuzzi,
  • two-stage jacuzzi with nozzles,
  • tunnel with showers,
  • relaxing bench with water foot massage.

The sauna panel offers:

  • infrared sauna,
  • Turkish - steam sauna,
  • and a Finnish sauna - dry.

On the first floor there is a jacuzzi and a bar serving drinks and snacks.

The Aquapark is open daily from 9:00am to 8:00pm.

Playroom for children

At noon, i.e. from 12:00pm, we invite you to the playroom, where we have organized classes for children sush as:

  • film club,
  • culinary workshops
  • cosmetics classes
  • animations
  • board game tournaments.

Grill Hut

An amazing place to relax with a breathtaking view.

A mountain log hut with a traditional hearth, is the perfect answer to the needs of our guests. Sausage on a stick, grilled trout and potatoes from the bonfire are our classic suggestions. We select special dishes for special occasions.

Beautiful garden with a pond

Within the premises of Kyriad Karkonosze, we also offer a charming garden with a pond, an area to play around in and become one with nature both for the young and the old.

And more...

Hiking in the mountains

For true mountain lovers, we recommend excellent routes in the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains.


Castle Old Tenement House

The ruins of the castle are located in the village of Stara Kamienica about 15 km from Jelenia Góra. The castle was abolished in the thirteenth century. In the fourteenth century, it was expanded and then destroyed during the Hussite wars.



Viewing platform Golden View Michałowice

It is a viewpoint willingly visited not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Recently, a viewing platform resembling a seaside pier was created in this place. Michałowicki Golden View is located at an altitude of 610 m above sea level, on the slope of the Drewniak mountain (672 m above sea level). Standing on the new viewing platform we will find ourselves at the end of the Karkonosze Foothills.



Chojnik Castle

One of the most famous castle ruins in Lower Silesia. The castle is located near Jelenia Góra-Sobieszów, on the top of the Chojnik mountain in the Karkonosze Mountains. This mountain rises to a height of 627 meters above sea level, and from its south-eastern side there is a 150-meter cliff descending into the so-called Hell's Valley. The stronghold is located in the area of strict protection, which is part of the Karkonosze National Park. To this day, knightly tournaments and games for residents are played here.

Link: [2]


Bird Park Zoobaczysko

Ptasi Park ZOObaczysko in Sosnówka is 8 kilometers away from Karpacz, it is a park of free flights, where 26 parrots fly in the wild from early morning hours until dusk. In addition to parrots, 80 other birds live in the wild, such as: pheasants, decorative hens, peacocks, runner ducks and other ornamental birds, and 17 rabbits.



Kalevala - Finnish village

The Lapland village of Kalevala in Borowice - like the Moomin Valley in the heart of the Giant Mountains. The owners of the facility set themselves the goal of showing tourists a fragment of traditional Scandinavia. A faithfully reproduced Viking tent with full equipment is made available. For those who like to relax, Finnish saunas and bath barrels are prepared. One of the biggest attractions of the Lapland village of Kalevala is Lekkimokki, which is known to many of us Moomin House. Tourists can also watch the aurora shows in modern VR technology.



Trollandia Rope Park

The rope park is located in Szklarska Poręba, in the city park in the city center, at Jedności Narodowej Street - opposite the Radio Three Square. The park is a high-altitude system of platforms and rope obstacles installed on trees.



Szklarka Waterfall

Szklarka Waterfall is the second largest waterfall in the Polish Giant Mountains, whose cascade reaches a height of 13.3 m. The creek falls in a wide stream tapering at the bottom and twisting in a spiral. Picturesquely located in the exclave of the Karkonosze National Park, in the central part of the Szklarki Gorge, at an altitude of 520m above sea level. On the left bank of the rock threshold of the waterfall there are magnificent marmites.


Single Tracks

For cyclists, we recommend single tracks and gentle mountain bike paths in the area.



Myi Cascades

The Myi Cascades are the fourth highest waterfall in the Karkonosze- its height is 5 meters. This waterfall (547 m is located in the Karkonosze Śródgórze Padola, in front of the mouth of the Mya to the Podgórna stream, in the village of Przesieka.


Japanese Garden Siruwia

Delighting with the richness of plants and harmonious composition, the highest located Japanese garden in Poland (600 m above sea level). The pride of the Garden is the impressive collection of rhododendrons – about 3000 shrubs in over 80 varieties! The whole Garden is a combination of the landscape and vegetation of the Karkonosze Mountains with oriental plants and motifs of the East – in accordance with the principles of feng shui.


Miniature Park Kowary

Visitors to the Park have the opportunity to get acquainted with historic objects, such as: palaces, churches, old towns of Lower Silesian cities, mapped exactly on a scale of l: 25. Guided tours, as well as descriptions of the past of the objects, familiarize visitors with their historical values.


SKY WALK - path in the clouds of Świeradów

A unique attraction rising above the town of Świeradów-Zdrój will lead you to a height of 62 meters, from where there is a view of the romantic buildings of the spa and the beauty of nature. The stunning design is complemented by the educational, cultural and extreme elements you will encounter while walking on the gently winding 850-metre-long footbridge. When you get to the top, you'll be able to rest on a drop-shaped mesh or climb a glass platform and feel like your body is floating in the air. You will finish the trip with a 105-meter slide. In a few seconds you will return from the clouds to the ground.



Leśna Huta Szklarska Poreba

In the steelworks, hand-formed glass dyed in mass is made in front of the spectators. You can observe the smelting of various glass forms from ornaments to vases and dishes. Metallurgists use old tools and juggling forms, which gives the items produced here an additional value of craft perfection. The material is primarily cullet with an admixture of glass sand.


Kopalna Podgórze Kowary

The "Podgórze" mine in Kowary is the second largest uranium mine in Poland. The tourist route located in it runs through the adit 19a, which was created in the 50s of the twentieth century. This is one of the most interesting and beautiful objects in Kowary. It offers hiking, extreme and diving routes.


Time Gate Jelenia Góra

The Time Gates Underground is the only place where you will be able to travel in time and space, because for us time is a relative concept! Embark on a 300-year journey into the past and future of LOWER SILESIA and the Giant Mountains. Find out what Polish professors, Zygmunt Wróblewski and Karol Olszewski, hid in Dewar's vessels in 1883.


Huta Julia (sightseeing and workshops)

Huta Julia operates at the junction of traditional craftsmanship and the functionality of the modern world. The methods of making glass are the same as in the past, but the owners have breathed today's spirit into them, to celebrate handicrafts on our tables. Huta Julia offers sightseeing and workshops for both children and adults.



Upside Down Cottage Miłków

An unforgettable adventure in a cottage that stands on its head. This is the only place in the south of Poland where you can see the world turned 180 degrees!


Papugarnia Śnieżka Karpacz

Papugarnia Śnieżka in Karpacz is a unique place where you can establish direct contact with exotic parrots. You can take them on your shoulder, feed them and capture this moment in a photo. However, above all, you will observe their behavior and daily life. You will learn about their habits and expand your knowledge about these amazing birds.



Lego Bricks Exhibition

The exhibition of models built of LEGO® bricks is a unique attraction for children, adults and for whole families. The interactive world of these world-famous bricks stimulates the imagination, teaches to entertain and develops creativity. Moving models, unique and unrepeatable buildings, the power of interaction evoke pleasant memories in adults and a smile on the faces of children. In addition, in the historical part of the Exhibition, you can get acquainted with the already forgotten professions performed in the Karkonosze Mountains (e.g. you can, among other things, find out who the kurzacy were).



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